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Welcome to GENEDGE’s Virginia Supply Chain Connector

We’ve developed this space as a one-stop location where manufacturers and buyers of medical and non-medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can find each other. Register for a user account, and you’ll be able to search for and connect with other registered users who can serve your specific PPE supply needs.

The Virginia Supply Chain Connector is part of GENEDGE's commitment to help strengthen Virginia’s medical supply chain by connecting Virginia’s manufacturers with those who need the PPE products they produce- in Virginia, for Virginians.

To register as a user, please see the following instructions:

  1. Please fill out the Account tab
  2. Scroll back up and select either the Supplier tab (if you are making PPE) or the Buyer tab (if you are seeking to purchase PPE)
  3. Please fill out that information also
  4. (You may fill out both tabs if you are both a Supplier and a Buyer of PPE)
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select "Create new account"

☑ By providing my information as a point of contact, I agree that GENEDGE may make this information available to other registrants interested in the Virginia Supply Chain Connector. I understand that GENEDGE will not sell my information to third parties. 


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