How GENEDGE Can Help

GENEDGE Focuses on Virginia

GENEDGE is an economic development entity chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1992 to help manufacturing and industry, and even more so during this crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have deployed our team of experts to help Virginia adapt and even thrive during these times. GENEDGE leverages Federal and state funding to provide a wealth of expertise and resources to Virginia manufacturers, businesses, and other organizations. We can help you solve problems, increase productivity, improve economic competitiveness, and enhance technical capabilities. Whether it’s helping adapt to a distributed workforce, implement physical distancing in day-to-day operations, or utilize technology and innovative solutions, GENEDGE’s experts are here for our clients and for Virginia.

GENEDGE is Virginia’s only manufacturing and economic development organization partnered with the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP). Based at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the MEP provides GENEDGE access to its national network of more than 1,400 manufacturing experts. See the NIST MEP white paper or visit the NIST MEP page to learn more.

We also participate and offer advantages from many other government and commercial partnership programs.

Note that GENEDGE is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia and also provides services to businesses and organizations besides manufacturers.


Client engagements which qualify for MEP can utilize the cost-share program. Federal appropriations pay one-half, with the balance for each Center funded by state / local governments and/or private entities, plus client fees. As a result, and with proven outcomes, for every $1 invested in GENEDGE assistance and services, $25 has been returned to our clients’ bottom line impact. Contact us to discuss these and other funding options and programs.

Best-In-Class Solutions for Virginia’s Manufacturers

Virginia manufacturers, businesses, and other organizations can count on GENEDGE as the go-to resource for business solutions. From optimizing your supply chain, to enhancing the reliability of your production line and the quality of your products, to leveraging new technology and approaches, the experts at GENEDGE can help you drive world-class performance. Here are some of the key services we provide:

  • Bringing Ideas to Market—Innovate or die, that’s the choice for companies today. GENEDGE helps you find, develop, and bring to market new ideas that will help your business thrive.
  • Process Improvement—Enhance your competitive edge through proven continuous improvement techniques that reduce waste and improve the quality of your products and services.
  • Sustainability—The future is green, we can help you get there. GENEDGE can help you reduce energy cost, find sustainable raw materials, and cut down on waste, saving you money and helping your brand stand out as a leader in green operations.
  • Supply Chain Optimization—GENEDGE helps you optimize your resources, suppliers, shipping, staffing, and production methods to ensuring that your products are competitive and profitable.
  • Technology Acceleration—Our technology consultants can help you make find and adopt new technology to enhance your productivity, find new markets, or improve quality.
  • Cybersecurity—Hackers and ransomware are no joke. GENEDGE can help you assess your readiness for a cyberattack, help you prepare for one, and ensure your critical assets remain safe even if you are attacked.

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