Building a Resilient Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Chain for Virginia

Make PPE and Make Virginia More Resilient

GENEDGE is bringing together manufacturers from across Virginia to address the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is hitting health care providers hard.

Join the Virginia Supply Chain Connector and be part of the effort to build a Virginia-based supply chain for PPE. Register today and get access to:

  • Buyers looking to source finished PPE
  • Manufacturers who use products you make
  • Manufacturers who make products you use

By connecting those who register with each other, GENEDGE is connecting Virginia suppliers, buyers, and other organizations. We also provide direct services to Virginia companies and other organizations to help you improve process, sustainability, supply chain, and technology.

COVID-19 and the Supply Chain

The global COVID-19 pandemic showed just how reliant Virginia is on foreign manufacturing. Masks, gloves, ventilators, gowns, visors, sanitizers, and other supplies are all made overseas. Countries around the world are all competing for the same resources, creating critical shortages when we can least afford them.

At GENEDGE, we believe a resilient Virginia starts with resilient manufacturing. Together we can build a stronger supply chain for PPE in Virginia and create great jobs that boost the Commonwealth’s economy.

Join the Virginia Supply Chain Connector Today

Commonwealth of Virginia COVID-19 PPE Retooling Playbook Now Available

This playbook was developed for Virginia manufacturers to use as a guide for what they need to know to produce PPE in response to COVID-19 including the steps leading up to production. We appreciate the collaboration of the following partners in producing this playbook.

View the Playbook Now!

GO Virginia – Re-tooling Virginia Manufacturers for Strategic Industries Program

GENEDGE is now accepting applications for Phase 1 of the program.  Start the application process now!

GENEDGE will manage this program over two years to implement a mid-to-long term approach to responding to the COVID-19 crisis by re-tooling Virginia manufacturers for strategic industries. The project will involve two phases: Phase 1 will focus entirely on PPE and Phase 2 will engage with other emergent critical industry supply chain retooling and continue PPE capacity additions. The goal will be to serve 50 companies/25 per year, while creating or retaining 500 jobs with new or retained revenue of over $100M over a five-year period. For more information please visit this > link.

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